My name is Andria Huang and my sister is Vanessa Huang. We are high school students. Like many other high schoolers, we have a passion for sports. Our favorite sports are volleyball/Tennis and we have made so many friends through training and tournaments!  We have a cute dog named Niko, he is a great companion. We love kids, We have been volunteering at Spring Academy Montessori preschool since  6th grade during summers and afternoons throughout the school year.

When we started working with the preschoolers, we discovered the importance of the systematic learning environment. We decided to publish a series of workbooks that focused on systematic learning with the help and guidance from lead Montessori teachers. Since We knew the kids loved animals, we decided to feature each book with an unique animal in line with the alphabet. I also utilized the nine beads abacus along with these math workbooks since the abacus was used at the preschool and creates visual understanding for math. Our goals are to make learning more interesting which we believe are very important for early learners, so our books also incorporated some simple art lessons.

Writing a series of preschool workbooks to help children and teachers, but we also believe in hard working and finding something to challenge ourselves. The process of coming up with all these workbooks is challenging yet exciting. We really enjoyed writing these series of workbooks and believe they will serve a greater purpose of spreading systematic learning to more children. We really appreciate the support from our parents, and we are really thankful to the publisher 99 Learning, who helped us publish these workbooks. Thank you for your supports!

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